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About Us


About Us

SOCIÉTÉ is integral wholesale based on futurist vision, determination, hard work, and passion was the path a young Qatari woman took a place since she was 25 years old, After working for years to build her brand and concept with her dreams and a gleam of hope in her eye, opened the doors to a small bakery with the intentions of distributing the love and spirit of her modernist art through fine bakery and pastries that would be unmatched anywhere in both taste and quality.

The walls of our bakery are now decorated with dozens of her personal teachings and recipes and plaques recognizing the endless contributions her dream inspired. Today, the bakery is operated Meshereib, with an extraordinary family of 10 employees who continue our vision embedded in SOCIÉTÉ family values.

They constantly strive to offer the quality and truly superior products that Société have become nationally known for. This relentless pursuit of quality and a passion to be the best.

The name SOCIÉTÉ has been registered as a trademark in Qatar / Internationally to insure collaborations are associated with this brand Identity.

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